Club History

Our History

Woodvale FC was previously known as Kingsley Junior Soccer Club from 1999-2009 and prior to this was originally known as Kingsley Junior Soccer Club. Kingsley Junior Soccer Club was always been based in the suburb of Woodvale and we deem ourselve’s to be the longest running family run club in the area. We decided to change our name to Woodvale FC in 2009 with a new club logo and new kits for our players, this was due to the fact that we believed being based in the Woodvale suburb, we needed to use the name to continue our successes.
We have many years of successes including a fabulous women’s team.  In 2014 we fielded 22 teams from Under 6 to 18 and Women’s. In 2016 we fielded out 1st Masters team.

We are constantly looking for new players, and always look forward to seeing familiar faces back too.